Monday, November 7, 2016


The most wanted fruits of the day are blueberries which can be picked ripe and wild, or can be found on the marketplace. However, there is not a better way to make sure that you are eating a healthy product than to grow it yourself. Blueberries can be very pricey just because they are extremely beneficial for our health- but it is pretty simple to grow blueberries yourself!
Follow these instructions and you will get affordable, lifesaving, practical cure right in your back yard!

Blueberries are bushy fruits so you need to mark a special area in your yard to plant them. The soil has to be thoroughly drained and processed and it needs to be exposed to the sun. This plant requires constant watering and moisture, so you may have to consider artificial watering as well.
You can decide to use patio containers and raised beds to do this. However, if you plant them directly to the ground, select a section that has a 2 ½ feet diameter and a vertical space for the bush of about one foot deep. Dig up half the soil and fill in with equal amounts of already watered sphagnum. Afterwards, mix it well.
In case you buy your plant in a container, remove the external layer the roots. If you purchase containerized plants, take the plant out and roughen up the external layer of the roots. Set the top soil line of the plant about 1-2 inches higher than the existing ground and firm around root ball. Pile up the soil around the roots. Make sure that you use lots of water during the blueberry growth. The best way is to find an area where irrigation is available.

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